Graduation/Senior Portraits

Congrats, Grad!

Graduation/Senior Portraits are about celebrating a life stage - for many teens, their entire senior year is filled with milestones, and it is definitely one worth noting and celebrating in many ways, including portraiture. It's their last year of high school, but so much more. It is also typically their last year with the friends they grew up with, their last year at home (it will never be the same, even if they are twenty seven and living in your basement), and their last year of truly being under their parents wings. Their senior year is about being on the cusp of something great - their futures, and they will never see the world the way they do right now. Documenting that with professional photography is one way of ensuring that you never forget who they are, RIGHT now.

Graduation/Senior Portraits can be taken indoors OR outdoors. Please reach out with either option you would like when booking this session type!