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My name is Lauren. I'm a Portrait + Special Event Photographer that specializes in Children's Portraits & Family/Lifestyle. I'm located in Brooklyn NY and I occasionally photograph in Carbondale PA as well, per request.

I have a 3 year old son and 2 fur-babies. I'm the mom that wears many hats, for sure.

I work full time for a Digital Events Management Company on the weekdays and I dedicate my weekends to Photography and family time. 

I'm a big lover of Natural light photography & capturing all the moments you might not even notice happening, that are so beautiful, unique and candid. I LOVE working with kids, and am totally understanding when It comes to the delays they may come with during your session. Feedings, snack breaks, meltdowns, outfit changes because chocolate from the snack got on the White outfit, you knew would get dirty but wanted one nice photo in. (I'm a mom, I get it lol) and everything in between.

If you are searching for a photographer who is laid back, down for any ideas you have, great with kids and who genuinely enjoys being with each and every client - then you have found the right one! I can assure you that your session will be easy-going, calm and fun because Photography is my therapy and I love seeing your real life moments unfold right in front of my eyes.

I will be there to hype you up, I will be there to play pretend with your kids so that we can get them to smile, I will be the chillest third wheel for your couple session and I will make you feel absolutely comfortable because I want to be your go-to person, someone you can confide in and someone you trust to capture your beautiful memories for years to come.

Think I'm the right fit for you? Let's begin your journey.


I live in NY with my Fiancé, our 3 year old son and our 2 fur-babies. I'm a mom that wears many hats - Completely powered off of coffee & chaos on the daily.

I'm the type of photographer who wants more out of a session. Since this is a super personable job, I like to make sure I really take the time to get to know my client(s) along with their desired needs and wants to create and customize the perfect session that meets all their expectations.


As a young girl, my earliest memory of wanting to become a Photographer was seeing my older sister come home from High School with a Nikon camera she was given for her Photography class. She would always allow me to capture practice shots and It was from then on I knew I wanted to capture everything and anything I could. I would play around on multiple cheaper cameras for years until 2017, I decided to purchase my first real Canon Portrait camera with a professional lens and the rest is history from there.

I practiced and practiced for years and in January of 2020, I became pregnant with my son and that drove me to want to buckle down and get serious. I couldn't wait to start booking clients...and then the pandemic hit worldwide, early March. With pretty much the entire world shutting down, I immediately felt a rush of sorrow, yet ambition and patience. As normally a busy, socially active person, I always felt as if I ''never had the time'' to pursue a hobby/passion like Photography. I enjoyed taking family photos for memories, but when It came down to the art of it, I felt anxious. "Where do I start?", "How do I start?", "What's going to make me special from anyone else that can just pick up a camera?" I felt discouraged. However, This pandemic hitting was actually a blessing in disguise for me. I knew this would be the best time to learn Photography 101 considering my son would be born late 2020, and with everyone having to quarantine in their homes, I had all the time in the world to absorb the knowledge behind Portrait Photography. 


When I gave birth to my son, Jaxon, I quickly felt like time was passing, I knew the importance of capturing him at all the different newborn/infant stages and phases. I made props, built sets, and posed him monthly for different shoots. And from doing that my love for child photography specifically turned into this strong passion and love that went way beyond just my own family. I knew I would love capturing these sweet moments for other peoples sweet babies, as much as I loved capturing them for my own. 

As a full time mom and employee, my life is busy as it can be, but I always try to be the most accommodating for my clients and their desires. I'm a very outgoing and goofy person. During my sessions with kids I'm almost always jumping around, whipping my pony tail, incorporating toys & play into the shoot, and laughing during my sessions to do the most to make my clients feel comfortable, happy and relaxed. There is never a dull session with me, I promise that! I always want to see you leave with a big smile on your face(s)! So if you're still reading this, and you want a goofy, yet serious photographer who captures the moments of your life that you're currently in, look no further. I look forward to meeting you! 

Love Notes

Love Notes

“Had a newborn photo shoot today with Lauren Ashely Photography and it was a great experience.. she was flexible and very patient with my newborn son who did not want to sleep! He was awake the entire session, and she was still able to work with him and get some great shots! She had everything needed for the photo session, amazing back drops and props, and I didn’t need to think about anything! I would highly recommend using her for a newborn session! Can’t wait to have her photograph my son’s baptism”